Years ago in a club in San Francisco, I was entertained by a jazz band with a wonderful Bassist. I don’t remember the name, just his image. I was with this beautiful lady and we were sitting in the front . The floor was about 3″ft. in elevation. The Bassist was right over us. He was standing pretty straight at the start. By the end, he was leaning on his instrument and rocking it’s strings. What a night! I fully enjoyed the night and the impression this musician left on me. I had to take five when the set was over.

Music defines a culture. And Jazz music really did that. We just have to remember.

The bronze sculpture in the above photo is called TAKE PHIVE, by Garley, yours truly. The paintings in the collage, by M. Dudley, are of famous musicians. Can you name them?


This cat was cool. TAKE PHIVE sculpture in bronze. Dig it! www.garleysculptures.com


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