Early one Fall morning, I was driving my daughter to school when a young man much like the sculpture in the photo walked into the street in front of us. He never looked up to check for cars from any direction. This just didn’t happened this day. Our timing of when he stepped off the curb in front of us was clockwork. The possibility that I may hit him one day was on my mind. He was so cavalier when stepping into the street. He was multi-tasking as he walked. The young man had ear-phones that lead from his ears down to the front pouch where his left hand rested. It appeared he was listening to music. And with his right hand he seemed to be checking his cell-phone for messages. On top of all that, he had a fully loaded back-pack. After a couple of days of dodging him, I came up with a name for him. SCHOOL DAZE; a haze or fog state. I turned to my daughter and told her I had to do a sculpture of him. She didn’t hear me. She was listening to her music and texting. She gave a look and said, “What?!!!”

Title: (School Daze)  A striking portrayal of a young scholar.

Title: (School Daze) A striking portrayal of a young scholar.

SCHOOL DAZE is a fitting image of teenagers today. The fog created by modern technology seems to isolate them. But in reality, the technology has connected them. They carry that world in one hand. Just think, they have a phone that takes calls, e-mails, sends and receive text; and you can watch television! When you add games and music, they’re a walking electronic store. They are better connected to what’s occurring on the planet than any adolescence group before. As he plods along, SCHOOL DAZE and those like him filters the fog of information and entertainment with steps that are sure and precise.



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